Access Control

Access Control

Access control can consist of card readers, key fobs, as well as biometric scanners, such as fingerprint and retina recognition.

Installation and Integration

Can your staff gain entry to your business after-hours and would you even know if they did?

Today, an increasingly mobile workforce means that staff is more likely to need access to a business outside the traditional operating hours of 9am to 5pm. Take control of where and when staff can access your business.

Being similar in size to a credit card an access card, also known as a proximity card, can identify individuals and allow access and egress to a pre-defined area by simply scanning the access card in front of the proximity card reader. The proximity card reader then analyses the data stored in the access cards and determines whether the user has authorised entry based on access level, date and/or time. The reader then stores the information and records the activity for future reference or reports.

This type of system can monitor individuals’ access, protect employees and provide full activity reports.

As well as providing security, access card reports can also assist with Occupational Health and Safety issues and Performance Management.

Access control software is password protected and allows administrator access to particular programs, network sand drives.


Do you need new cards supplied or added to your system? We can manage your entire system or fix any issues you may be having with your current access system. 

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