Security App

Security App

Dial up the control with our Alarm App giving you instant access to what’s happening in your home or business all from the convenience of your phone or tablet wherever you are any time of the day or night! Available for iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Android, and Windows Phone from your mobile device.

Arm and disarm

Turn your Home system on or off from the App. No need to worry about forgetting to set the alarm as you run out the door or turning it off before the family turn up and you’re not home.

Customise notifications

Set notifications and know what’s going on in your home anytime. You’re in control with customised alerts, sent in an instant to any mobile connected device.

Anytime viewing

Know what’s happening around your home by viewing live video feed anytime. Check in on the kids, the pets, the cleaner or the tradesman from wherever you are anytime.

Visual verification

If your alarm goes off, you can see a video clip of what set it off so you can take control right away.

Access for family & friends

You can give all members of your family or even friends looking after your home access to the app. Not only can you get instant alerts, so will they, so there is always someone  in control should something come up.

Know what’s happened in your home

You will know what’s happened in your home with the Chubb app. It keeps a record of every action for up to 60 days!

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